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Hi! I'm Serena! A little bit fun, a little bit odd, all wrapped up into mint chocolate chip icecream. So I’m that girl. You know, that disney princess style hopeless romantic. The one who bawls her eyes out at a theater, reads way too many fantasy style romance novels, and believes that faeries really did steal your car keys and shove them under the bed.  

 I'm a Boudoir and Offbeat/Glam Wedding photographer. I believe that every person has a soulmate and that every woman is downright gorgeous and deserves to see it, know it and embrace it. I absolutely love my job. It’s the only job where I can be the artist I am while getting to meet and make amazing new friends, experience love over and over on a wedding, and see stress and self-doubt melt right off a woman at a boudoir session all while getting to edit in my PJs with my fur babies on my lap. 

“Why, sometimes I've believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast.” 
- Lewis Carroll, Through the Looking Glass.

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Empowering Women, Specializing in Building Self Esteem through Romantic Fashion, Beauty, Pinup, Glamour & Boudoir!

We believe in love. Euphoric, blissful, crazy, stupid, and sometimes stubborn love. 



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Every once in a while, 
right in the middle of Ordinary life, 
Love gives us a Fairytale.

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The Reviews

Serena is absolutely amazing! My husband and I knew we wanted her to shoot our wedding from the first time we met her. She is professional, talented and really knows her stuff...a huge bonus is that she is also super sweet! Planning a wedding and coordinating vendors is so stressful, but working with someone like Serena was just the best. Her prices are so reasonable, she takes so many photos and they are all gorgeous! We used Serena for both our engagement photos and the wedding, both sets turned out stunning. She knows exactly when to get the best light and it shows in her work. What we really loved about her is that she takes time to get to know the couples she works with; to see what's important for her to capture on the day and to show a little bit of our personality as well. What you don't realize is how much time you spend with your photographer on your wedding day, so you should pick someone that you feel comfortable with and get along with. We all had so much fun hanging with Serena, her husband, Dave and her assistant. Recommend them 1000x over!!

know the couples she works with"

"she takes time to get to

Julia & Tony
Running Deer Country Club

My husband and I had the pleasure of working with Serena for both our engagement photos as well as our wedding and I wouldn't have it any other way. When planning for our engagement session we wanted to incorporate a pin-up style Minnie & Mickey theme since we got engaged in Disney. Serena didn't only do an amazing job, but completely nailed our expectations. Our wedding was three months later and in-between that time Serena was an essential asset to our planning. She has incredible talent with save-the-dates, invitation design, and a true eye for what the wedding day was supposed to look like. My husband and I were blown away with her ability to convert our visions to realities. We also had the pleasure of working with Serena's new service of videography- which turned out to be something I couldn't imagine myself living without. Even though our wedding day was only one day- Serena has made memories that will last us a lifetime!

ability to convert our visions to realities"

"blown away with her

Sam & Zig
Whimsical Woodland wedding

My husband and I absolutely loved having Serena as our wedding photographer! She and her husband are a great team! From their pleasant demeanor and creative energy to their professional preparedness and beautifully taken photos, it was such a wonderful, memorable experience having them shoot our wedding. Me and my bridal team were so behind schedule getting our makeup done and Serena took the initiative to speak with our limo drivers and present me with options of where to take our portrait photos and still make it to the ceremony all time. This was above from what I expected her to do and I'm so grateful to her for it because I was able to keep my sanity and we were able to take our amazing photos and be on time! An additional bonus is the turn around time for photos!! I didn't expect to get them as soon as we did; AND she also provides teaser photos soon after the wedding so that you have something to look at in the meantime!! Serena is amazing and I highly recommend her to others as the TOP wedding photographer in the area!

memorable experience having them shoot our wedding"

"it was such a wonderful

Triana & Jeff
Lakeside Manor

Serena was amazing!!! We were such a mess planning our wedding. The date changed at least three times! She was so good about being flexible and helping keep me calm. She wasn't just there as our photographer, she was there to help with anything and everything - offering up suggestions when we didn't know what to do next and were panicking trying to plan our special day. Serena's photos turned out beautiful (as always!) and are always so unique. She worked with OUR style to make our photos special. We love her and would highly recommend her to anyone and everyone! She has such a wonderful energy about her. Just ALL SMILES!

our photographer, she was there to help with anything and everything.

"she wasn't just there as 

Brittany & Ethan
Flanders Hotel

This was by far THE BEST.MONEY.SPENT.ON OUR WEDDING.With cost, she was fair, especially for what she provides. She gives all of the photos that come out, allows downloads at your leisure, and takes a huge selection. She personally is one of the sweetest people we’ve met who was able to make us feel comfortable and relaxed which was huge on our wedding day as my wife's dress zipper broke. Serena helped significantly by keeping her calm. On the wedding day, her assistant was on time took extraordinary pictures of our wedding accessories around our house that matched our wedding theme making our first home part of our wedding day. She then, ala Serena, made everyone feel comfortable for a great set of photos with the groomsmen. During the ceremony, they were barely noticeable but amazingly skilled at getting perfect candid photos and prepared a list of portraits for after. What we appreciated was that she emailed and planned this out well beforehand. During the reception, they kept us on schedule, getting the photos we wanted but the best part was that while we were eating, etc she looked for amazing pictures to take which made us feel that she really cared.When it began to snow, she got us and took photos that looked like a fairy tale which made my wife unbelievably happy.And even when she was technically done, Serena kept taking photos. You can’t pay enough for her passion and love. People say that the DJ, food, etc is important for a good time but I really feel like its the people. For us, having our loved ones together, we could have had fun anywhere. The thing we couldn't replace was Serena. There is no doubt in my mind that she was the perfect and only person for the job. NO ONE could have done better in my mind and I will only use her in the future for any and all events we want photographed. So if you have any event, YOU NEED TO BOOK WITH SERENA!!!.NOW!!.we would have given her a 100 star rating and written more if I could.

on our wedding."

"BEST money spent

Courtney & Ian
Running Deer

One of the best decisions we could have made during the entire wedding planning process was booking Serena Star Wedding Photography. Not only did our pictures turn out beautifully - but she was incredibly easy to work with from beginning to end. From scheduling meetings and engagement photos, to the last minute pictures we wanted the day of the wedding, she was incredibly flexible and easy going. This is her passion and it is reflected in her work. We highly suggest meeting with Serena and booking her for any upcoming photo needs you may have - she's worth every penny!

to work with from beginning to end."

"she was incredibly easy

Claribel & Jon
Lucien's Manor

Serena is the absolute best! She's very accommodating with schedules, she's so easy to work with and she makes ideas a reality. We requested to do part of our engagement session at an ice rink, and she strapped skates to her feet to make it happen! She is very professional and super talented, and I am even now plotting ways we can work with her again. She had the engagement pictures back to us super quick, the wedding photos back to us super quick, and we even have our wedding album already! She takes a lot of pride in her work which you can see from the photos themselves to the finished products. Amazing. If you have the chance to work with her, DO IT.

a chance to work with her, DO IT."

"Amazing. If you have

Stephanie & David
Private Farm

 Serena Star is an absolutely amazing photographer and she somehow kept FIREWORKS a complete secret. We were so happy to be able to have our day photographed by Serena and simply have her share the day with us. Her assistant (brother) and husband Dave were simply incredible as well. I cannot express more joy in seeing our day as Serena did through her lens!

in seeing our day as Serena did through her lens!"

"I cannot express more joy

Andrew & colleen
Manufacturers Golf Club

My husband and I were absolutely thrilled with the work of Serena and Dave. Not only was she super helpful in the months leading up to our big day they also nailed our vision for what we wanted. We get so many compliments on our photos and style that makes them unique. I would never use another photographer, we are customers for life!!

use another photographer, we are customers for life"

"I would never

Gabbi & Carlos

wedding and boudoir photography

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