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Ashley & Brian: Eastlyn Golf Course / Greenview Inn | South Jersey Wedding Photographer

November 21, 2016

Ashley is my incredible hair stylist. She’s the only person I trust to touch my hair. Off and On we would talk about her Fiance, Brian and their engagement. They weren’t in a rush to do the whole wedding thing. When she eloped on her vacation on a boat, it only felt fitting. When she told me she was planning on an after party, I knew I wanted to be a part of it. Dave and I started at their house doing prep shots. Ashley had bought a second little white dress for her after party, but we still had her original silk bouquet. We did couples portraits and did photos with her dog. Mind you, over the past couple years of talking about her dog, I never expected the little curly white fluff ball with pink ears. For some reason I expected a big dog… but nope. Those adorable pink ears greeted me at the door. We headed over to Eastlyn Golf course where the after party was taking place in the Greenview Inn and finished couples portraits.

Dave and I were technically guests for the reception. We had seats. And we could eat the food. Let me say that again. We. Ate. Food. (This is not a common event at weddings even though vendors meals are always paid for). I really like food. Especially Hor Dourves. I learned something new about Ashley – that she loves baking. And apparently her cake table came from a bajillion different bakeries (all the best choices from each bakery). The cake was from Stella Baking Company. The DJ was A-1 Entertainment. The unique flower arrangement was made by A Garden Party. Ashley gave me one to take home =D It’s drying nicely in my living room right now.

We had a fantastic night. We danced, took pictures, Caught up with a couple previous clients of ours (and some new ones!) Ashley and Brian skipped the whole formality thing and didn’t do any first dances, toasts, bouquet, garter etc and opted to just have a huge fun party. It was a blast!

You can view the whole wedding gallery at:

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