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7 Benefits to an Engagement Session

October 19, 2016

7 Benefits to an Engagement Session



It’s a popular discussion online as to whether or not you should have an engagement photo session. There are a lot of reasons to have an E-Session, many of which have wedding day benefits.

I can only think of ONE REASON to not do it: If you just can’t squeeze engagement photos into your budget. Even then, I would still read on and consider these 7 practical tips.

– Save the Dates!

Use your favorite photo for save the date cards. This is super cute and your guests will appreciate the extra time and thought you put into them. Plus, a save the date card can make for a great detail shot in your wedding album, documenting remnants leading up to the big day.




– Beautiful Custom Guestbooks:

Make a guestbook with your favorite photos from the engagement session. Leave plenty of blank space and markers out for your guests to sign it. It’s a beautiful way to display your engagement photos and you’ll have fun flipping through it days later, reading what your guests wrote in it.

– Test out a potential photographer:

Your wedding photographer will accompany you throughout the entire wedding day. Think about that. You want to make sure you are comfortable and actually like them. You don’t want to be bored to death throughout your whole wedding day and your photos will definitely not have that magical element if you have no connection with the photographer!




– Loosen up for the wedding photos:

Engagement sessions give you the opportunity to learn how the photographer works. They can give you great pointers so that you know what to expect on the big day. They can also get to know YOU and that becomes invaluable on the wedding day. Best of all, there is no stress on an E-session. You can work at your own pace and it’ll help you and your other half loosen up if you’re nervous about having photos taken on the wedding day.

– It’s a fun date!

How often do you get to go out somewhere nice and get beautiful photos of each other goofing off and showcasing your love for one another?Engagement shoots give you an excuse to get away from the mundane everyday work life and do something special that you’ll have forever.



– Try out the makeup artist:

Hiring the makeup artist for the E-Session that you plan on using for the wedding has a few great benefits. Your makeup artist will get the opportunity to practice doing your makeup. You will also look amazing in the photos. Just like any artistic profession, makeup artists vary in many ways. You’ll see if they can give you the look you are going for so you feel more confident in having them do your makeup on the wedding day.

– You can do out of the box creative photos:

You have the time and freedom to really do some creative shots on an engagement session. Go out to the beach or to a local garden. The sky is the limit and the more creative the shots, the more you’ll want them hanging on your walls.



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