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May 22, 2012

I was going back through all the drafts I had started when I stopped posting back in November to start cleaning them out. I normally wouldn’t post about something so far past, but I just felt this post was to important to skip over and delete! I know I had posted about it briefly on my facebook, but even that was short lived when I came home and had to catch up on a week worth of emails!

Print Competition of 2011 was a really important competition for me. I only needed four more merits to get my Master Photographer Degree from Professional Photographer’s of America. Well, two of my prints merited and then went Loan giving me the four merits I needed. Those two images were also published in PPA’s Loan Collection book.

Blue Butterfly

Cirque Du Lauren

Professional Photographers of America’s Print comp 2012 is coming up and I am currently getting my prints together to submit for the new year! Dave is going to submit for the first time, too! Next stop – Craftsman Degree!

Here are a couple photos from the Awards and Degree ceremony where I received my Masters =)!

You can view the entire gallery here:
I am still adding to it as I get the photos off Dave and my cell phones =X

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