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Do you have an idea for an online store, brand, or blog but have no idea how to get started with social media and marketing? We specialize in media creation. With a background in photography, videography, and graphic design, we can help create any type of media to help grow your business. 

Whether you are a small etsy store making homemade goods you need photographed every week, a doctor’s office needing headshots or interviews once a year, an influencer/blogger that needs pro photos or video to post up on their site, a wedding vendor needing a styled wedding shoot to use to advertise their services or advertising brochures, a singer or songwriter needing a cover photo, media, or music video to advertise their new album, an author booking for a book trailer or book cover, & many more, we can create content for you.

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Why hire a Professional Photographer instead of using your cell phone?

With everyone capable of taking a decent photo with auto settings on a phone, one would think that professional photography would become less relevant. However, my experience tells me that professional photography has become even more important in a media driven society. When clicking through Etsy, a well lit, clean high-res photo could mean the difference between someone buying your product or your competition’s. A Professional headshot could mean the difference between someone clicking on your Linkedin profile or someone else’s. Could you take your own photos? Absolutely. A professional photographer is not a substitute for taking candid photos of your work and showing some personality that’s “real.” Micro content will always be important to your marketing. However, if you want to compete with big box brands and luxury brands, then your actual product photography and marketing campaigns need to be as good if not better than theirs. That’s the first thing people see that draws their attention to your brand. 

Dealing with a small business ran by artists means we can offer a one on one, personable experience. We can take the time to answer your questions and do research on your brand and the competition to get a feel for what you need. Our work is also created personally by us as artists instead of a big brand hiring people by the hour to just “get the job done.” We feel strongly that what a business advertises is what the client should receive as a product and unfortunately it’s impossible for a business to promise that if there is a different person working with every client. As a husband and wife team, we also don’t have the overhead that many companies have, which allows us to offer a more complete service for the price. Because of our well rounded jack of all trades approach, we can be considered a one-stop-shop. We can create anything from a simple headshot to a full inclusive product that envelopes everything you would need for a marketing campaign or a brand. The best part for us is that we get to grow with your business as you grow. You aren’t hiring us just to photograph you or your products, but to create entire concepts with our unique vision and style. We can build ideas and sets. We can design photoshoots to speak to the brand you want to convey.

What makes us Different

Invesp, a company that helps improve site conversion rates and specializes in statistics (and works with large companies such as ebay) put out the statistic that 22% of products are returned because the product didn’t look like the photo. Most of the time, that is due to poor photography or colors not being correct. With a college degree in photography, we can offer both Studio Lit photography and lifestyle sessions. We have experience specifically in color correcting imagery to be accurate or we can also edit in different styles to match your branded look whether that is light and airy or dark and moody, etc. Your time is worth money. Instead of going through instagram filters trying to make something look decent, you could be creating more of your product or sending out resumes. We have over a decade of experience (Wedding photography alone encompass every part of photography from people, to locations/venues & product and food photography)

What makes us Different

We can photograph your headshots and product, create logos and designs and print stationary such as brochures, business cards, menus, magazines, and more. We can design a website (via Showit & Square), write copy for your site, create videos of what you do or interview you, create clips or designs for facebook, instagram, more. While we don’t create all design elements ourselves, we pull from many commercial use sources for fonts, design elements, etc and use them to design. We can offer a monthly service to create whatever it is you need. Do you need someone to photograph your products every month? Every week? Do you need someone to manage your facebook page and create content to share to it? Let us know your concerns and we’ll let you know if we’re a good fit and what custom options we can create for you.

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Holy ****! Serena was a part of the team that worked on my wedding day and as a professional photographer myself, I was impressed with the quality of her work and portfolio. So when it was time for me to update my branding, I couldn't think of any person I'd rather be photographed by. During my portrait session, Serena put me at such ease and made me feel so comfortable in the one thing I hate more than almost anything - being on the other side of a camera. But the experience goes way beyond the amazing time I had laughing and chatting away through my session.
When I saw the photos, I was floored. I haven't felt this confident and in love with my body in years. She was able to capture me and my personality perfectly with in the vision that I had shared with her. I can't wait to have another excuse to shoot with her, which is a miracle for a camera-shy person like me!

beyond the amazing time I had"

"my experience goes way

Ashley Gerrity
"Business Mentor"

“As an Actor, having a stellar head shot is nothing short of ordinary. After all, a good shot is in some cases the sole determinant of getting that audition call or booking. When it was time for a new head shot, I knew exactly who to contact - Serena Star. For years, I have followed Serena's profile on Model Mayhem, and I have always been inspired by her work. Her style is unique, artistic, and simply beautiful- capturing people at their best. My shooting experience with Serena and Rae (the makeup artist Serena recommended to me) was so far beyond my expectations. Serena made me feel comfortable, beautiful, and gave me helpful direction throughout the shoot. Being a model herself, Serena knows how to photograph the human body at its most attractive angles and poses. Her prompt retouching and final photo delivery is the finishing touch that throws every photo over the edge. Since shooting with Serena, my new photos have landed me an increasing number of auditions and bookings. My success lies in her work! =)”

landed me an increasing number of bookings."

"my new photos have


“Wow, working with Serena was an awesome experience! She has fantastic vision and is wildly creative. I was definitely impressed by the whole experience and the results, even after having such high expectations already from seeing her portfolio. Being a model herself, she was extremely helpful with posing. I consider myself VERY lucky to have worked with her and am dying to do it again! You can tell that Serena has a LOT of experience in makeup! She did a fantastic job, which is especially hard for me to find because I don't have a typical face.” 

helpful with posing"

"she was extremely


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