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13 Bridal Beauty tips for your Wedding Day

September 3, 2016

13 Beauty Tips for Brides

As the photographer, Brides always ask me for tips to ensure that they look amazing in their photos. Over the years I’ve learned a few tips that help you glow! I have compiled 13 beauty tips and thought I’d share them with you!


  1. Avoid glittery, shiny makeup or hair glitter, as this will cause hot spots on the skin and little white dots that look like dandruff when the light hits it.


  1. Make sure to use chap stick leading up to your day but stay away from mint/beeswax chap stick on the day of. Many makeup artists use lipstick that stays on for 24 hours, but these chap sticks can take the lipstick right from semi-permanent to on your spouse.


  1. Wear false lashes (Whether you choose single lashes or strip). You shouldn’t even feel them in the makeup artist puts them on right, but they will make your eyes pop! And don’t forget an emergency eyelash adhesive in case you rub your lashes off.


  1. Make sure you use conditioner in your hair for a couple of months leading up to your wedding. There’s nothing more beautiful that healthy, flowing hair matched with that gorgeous gown on your wedding day. Ask your hair stylist, but most prefer hair washed the night before instead of the morning of. The texture of the hair is easier to work with.


  1. Don’t try a new hair cut/style right before your wedding!


  1. Pack powder foundation or facial blotters! Your makeup artist will do a fantastic job on your makeup, but as the day goes on, you will most likely get a little shiny. Ask your makeup artist what brands are good for photography. They might even have some for you!


  1. Do a trial run for your makeup before the big day. If you do it before the engagement session, if can give you an idea of how the makeup will photograph for your big day.


  1. Use lotion on your hands before the wedding day. This applies to the groom as well. Your hands and rings will be the focus of some of the photos and dry or cracked skin will show in the photos.


  1. Many of us drink dark colored beverages. It stains the teeth and when you are wearing a beautiful white dress, you will definitely notice the color difference. Tooth whitening can dramatically improve your smile and confidence when having photos taken on your wedding day.


  1. Many over the counter foundations, moisturizers, etc use SPF in them. They reflect light badly and can make you look washed out or oily. Make sure your face is a clean blank canvas before the makeup artist starts applying makeup.


  1. Make sure your makeup artist is using waterproof mascara and don’t reapply non-waterproof makeup later. Pretty simple, but I’ve seen it countless times where additional mascara was layered on later that started dripping.


  1. Avoid a spray tan. These often turn out very orange when photographed!


  1. Schedule having your eyebrows groomed before the big day so the red and puffiness has time to go down.


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