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Gabbi & Carlos: Brigalias |New Jersey Wedding Photography

October 26, 2016

Gabbi and Carlos met in highschool, but it wasn’t till much later did they realize they were the one for each other. Carlos proposed to Gabbi at one of my favorite places, Longwood Gardens and as of this past weekend, they were officially married at a gorgeous wedding at Brigalias in NJ!

I started off doing getting ready photos at their home. My husband, Dave started with Groom prep over at a family member’s home. Originally Carlos was supposed to meet us back at their house for the first look, but it was pouring so heavy we decided to do it at Brigalias. Gabbi and Carlos had an open room with a gorgeous chocolate wall, which was perfect for her prep photos.

Gabbi loves romantic and whimsical tones. She had picked Brigalias for the gorgeous Chandeliers and romantic lighting their room offers. Luckily, by the time we reached the venue, the rain and stopped and the sunlight was absolutely gorgeous!

Both of them were excited to see each other. You could tell how eager they were to just get to the first look all morning. After the first look, they gave us ample amount of time to do couples portraits at a few different places. They did a gift exchange while waiting for their ceremony to begin (which I opted to skip images of as the gifts were private), that was heartwarming as both of them smiled from ear to ear, reading each other’s letters.

From the ceremony straight through the reception, you could feel the love between them and their families. Their friends partied hard on the dance floor, and at the end of the night, I got to do my favorite low light portraits!

Wedding Photography by Serena Star, 2nd shot by my awesome husband, Dave.

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