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Happy 23rd Unbirthday

September 25, 2011

I say unbirthday because it took me nearly two weeks to post (Bad Serena), but house and work has been keeping me busy busy!

So I wanted to post up some highlights from my Birthday! You can view the entire album here:
^Viewing the entire album is a great way to see all the fun and crazy faces of Re in order =X

My day started off attempting to answer my 250+ Happy birthdays across a wide variety of websites (mainly Facebook). Dave had class until noon and my mom worked, so I figured I would attempt to relax a bit (although I originally had ‘house work’ written on my schedule book. I was quickly talked out it it.)

We went out to dinner at Applebees, starting the evening off arguing in our normal family tradition over who was going to sit where around the table.

After Dinner (thank you to my family for not telling the restaurant it was my birthday) we went back to the house for some cake and such. Now normally my family buys me an ice cream cake, but they were apparently scarce this year…. So they figured, what the heck. Anything Princess-esque would work. Well, they did well. Apparently Disney has created friends for Tinkerbell. I must attempt to find this movie although cheesy as it probably will be.

Obviously my family, Mom, Dad, Brother – and Dave were there. But my friends Joanna and Katie (and the creepy mannequin we photograph all the Scarlet Fairy stuff on) also attended my party. As Tradition we all sang the Viking Happy Birthday dirge courtesy of my medieval upbringing. (Yes the one that used to get posted on my locker at school which was confiscated by the counselors before they tried to kick me out of school… Yeah Really. That one. Gotta love growing up as a SCAdian.)
This pretty much just about sums it up. With a lot more verses that aren’t really as dreary (well, maybe). Imagine a room full of really really really REALLY drunk people with less scary faces laughing and slamming their beer goblets on a table singing this while eating a feast of medieval food… I loved my childhood.

So as to continue with normal tradition, I get an enormus butcher knife (American Mcgees Alice for the win) and a spoon for my cake. The spoon to get the first bite out of the middle of my cake – and the knife to destroy my cake =D
And thus the passing out of cake begins
My brother was pretty amused by the scary amount of icing on this cake.
My parents really did go out of their way =X
And something to keep my cats from playing footsy in my drinking water while I’m working. (Weirdest cats ever.)
The Tinkerbell card started SINGING. (/immediate close and reopen cautiously)
Both my Mom and Dad’s cards made me cry. Bad. My mom gave me her card earlier in the morning.
The crazy singing Fairy card brought me back to earth =X

And last but not least, a few days later at the Guild Print competition, my friend Gino gave me a balloon for my Birthday! I was so excited to see it tied to my chair!!!! I was going to tie it to my wrist but I was afraid with how much I use my hands when I talk I would slap people in the face with it. I tied it to my purse and enjoy it’s company until near the end of the night when it somehow came loose and floated to the ceiling (/sadface). My guildies came to the rescue and attempted to get it down from the ceiling, but alas it will live it’s life out above the chandelier (Thank you guys for trying! xoxo!)
On a final note before the commenting commences – Yes, I know. I’m like a little kid. I probably will be until forever. Live it up – have fun. Sometimes it’s healthy to be a little immature =D

  1. Anonymous says:

    Happy Birthday Serena! So much talent in someone so young! You are going to do great in your business and life due to your talent and attitude. Keep on smiling and shooting girl.

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