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November 27, 2011

So it’s that time again! I noticed I have slacked off on my blog again (Man I’ve been TERRIBLE this year!) I apologize in advance, it’s another REALLY long post. Pretend it’s like… several short posts? =X

Sooooo this big question. SERENA WHERE HAVE YOU BEEEEEEENN!!!!!?

To be honest with you – I’m not quite sure. One day I posted about my birthday (mind you that post was much delayed and holding up another 28 unfinished half written blogs that I originally planned to post – most of which have no relevance anymore. example: “Dave’s Art Show.” Well his next art show is about to happen. Who the heck cares that he won awards for his eye series…and the crazy story of me driving there and really cute photos of the two of us and this pinup dress I was wearing with him. That was like, months ago already.)

ANYWAY! so to continue my story……..  and POOF next thing I know here it is over two months later. (eek!) (plus squeal and a few more zomgz and eeks.)

Well I know in long long long long long ago posts I mentioned I got a house. Yes, a House. I promised photos of said house…. I know someone out there is still awaiting said blog post about said photos of said new house. (I think it’s one of my 28 queued blog posts).. BUT! It’s sort of a disaster area with boxes cluttering up literally everything right now so it’s not the most flattering thing to photograph. Does not give said new house justice. I do have some photos on my FB here:
and I do keep updating it with random images of my disaster area. Maybe I’ll post a blog once everything looks sort of nice.

So anyone that said moving isn’t bad is LYING. It’s like, oh lets drive back and forth with boxes and bring them into the house and pile them up. That won’t take long. It’ll also save us money on paying movers or renting a moving truck. I’ll move whenever I have a free day while working and things will go smooth. Not.   …and then the days go by… and then you aren’t sure which house has that bill you need to pay… or where your actual bed is, or where that prop is you need to shoot a client with, or where you left your toothbrush, etc. You get the idea.

I think one of the hardest parts of the move was bringing my kitties over to the house. Being new at moving I didn’t know you are supposed to place them in one room with things that are familiar to them and let them go. Give them a few days in hiding and let them come out on their own.

My story went like this: Bring said poor babies to new home. Was upset about having them in crates so as soon as I open the front door, I let them out in the entrance. I expect them to go ooooo what’s this? (Especially about the stairs since we didn’t have them at my Mom’s house) and be like ZOMG STAIRS@! RUN! PLAY!

Well Kitties didn’t want to come out. First they cried, then they came out. I coaxed them up the stairs to show them the bedroom because I felt they might feel more comfortable if they smelled all my things. They quickly race under the bed and don’t come out for several days.

Not knowing what to do, Dave and I took them out from under the bed and locked them out of said bedroom hoping they would explore elsewhere.  This lasted probably less than a couple hours (even though I was sitting with them in my computer room!) They started crying and bolting into the bedroom every time we opened the door.

.K!..So this is where I got smart. I called my good friend Ivy who has moved a bajillion times with her kitties and begged for help! She told me to let them hide in the bedroom… Hence I did. Well long story now shorter than I could make it, they are now crazy little pains in my bum (Like I originally imagined them being only worse) running across everything and getting into anything then can which keeps me from working on photos… yet they still run and hide under the bed anytime a loud noise occurs. -.-; (BLAH!)

So NEXT! I’ve been photographing weddings…. Lots of Boudoir…. Lots of retouching. My company’s sales have more than doubled in the past year. (Which is great, especially in a recession because now I own a house… So all that extra money that I was like HECK YES NEW GEAR is now ;.;…..I can haz wantz gear? Especially when a new camera can cost me the same as a really nice used car… Which I also need. Heck, a new lens can cost me as much as a used car. There are three new lenses I want each starting at $2000 and going up from there.  (Just remember… House… Toys… Car… House… Toys…) I think all three will be happening in the near future >_>;

  I also finally had to upgrade to CS5.5 and Lightroom 3 from CS3 and Lightroom 1 because CS3 can’t read the new camera files that my second photographers have. (I really love my Fuji. I’m going to probably use it till it dies.) Hence I had to spend a lot of time on my bum at my computer attempting to learn new programs to continue working on my new client’s work. (All while having to go back and forth between my Mom’s house where the studio was located and my new house! GAH!)

I’m still teaching photography workshops! Classes take a lot of time and energy to make. It’s almost like writing a book – it needs to flow smoothly and tell a story. If not you put people to sleep. My most recent was this past week at Antonelli Institute of Art and Photography. I made part 2 of my “Through the Looking Glass into another Realm, Using Fashion, Fine art, and Fantasy to go from Mundane to Avante Garde.” This class was focused on Posing and Lighting (and always inspiring to find the you inside.) If you put part 1 and 2 together, I now have a full day program (hint hint!) I have to thank Dave, my amazing graphic designing fiance who made me awesome graphics to create diagrams of my lighting with. There may be a lighting book to be published in my future.. possibly? potentially? Anyone interested =D?

“Kudos to Bob Wood and the Oficers of the Antonelli Chapter of the Student Photographic Society for arranging tonight’s program by Serena Star. It was excellent! Proud to claim such an accomplished young artist as our own. Serena, thanks for giving back. If you missed her presentation, check out her website: 
John Hayden, President “

I’ve been getting all brand new scarlet fairy clothing photographed and up for sale This part of my company is still slowly growing. Not quite fast enough as I would prefer, but beggars can’t be choosers when your life is saturated in EVERYTHING.

Dave and I are working on a music project. I am getting back into singing (something that I haven’t done since I graduated with my second high school diploma from a tech school for acting. I was also forced into the school chorus XD) I realize I really suck. I mean – really. Have you ever been pretty good at doing something and then quit it for like 7-8 years? I have a LOT of work to do… but we have a baby grand piano now – so how can I not sing =D? (Dave keeps patting me on the back reminding me I have a pretty voice and am writing pretty lyrics. It keeps me going, but makes me nervous about the general public. =X )

I’m also getting (mildly) back into modeling – For the sake of art projects. I haven’t had time yet, but it’s something I plan on doing to create art. I’ve got a lot of costumes and ideas I need to get out that I want to do =D I’m still toying with the idea of getting back into makeup (at least for my own side projects.) I’m not sure whether I want to make the investment or not though into the kit for how little I use it. (Had to throw out my old kit since you can’t use old makeup on people.)

I’m still planning my own wedding which still has no date. (And no it won’t have a date till Dave gets out of college next winter). Imagine me holding my hands out like a scale, now place house on one hand and wedding on the other. House tips the scale just a wee little bit. I have a whole themed wedding planned and a story to go with it. Just you wait. It’s secret too XD I think it might take me that long just to get all the details made and ideas together… and find a photographer to photograph it. (Does anyone know how freakin’ hard that is when you’re a photographer and know a bazillion photographers?)

Oh and to finish it off, I’m working really hard to finish my first novel in my Chronicles which I hope to be selling on Amazon very soon =D (I even have a cover mock up now… but you can’t see it yet.. =P) I’ve been working on this book since I was probably like 9ish? Maybe younger? It is absolutely nothing like the original idea. In fact it’s a different story concocted sometime probably in High school. I’ve picked it back up once a year over the past few years but finally let my mother and Dave read it and now I’ve got them hooked. I figure it must be good if I’ve got them reading it because I had to beg them to begin with. I have four books almost completely outlined out right now and about 40,000 words written. It’s been super secret! (Imagine me humming Mission Impossible while typing this paragraph.)

I feel like I’m missing stuff o.o I know I am because it’s been what… 2 months (Holy Geez where does time go in my life???) I look back at my schedule and I have lists written REALLY REALLY tiny every day of the past two months. (Dave is always asking me how I can write or read my tiny tiny list.) A list that I keep doing, crossing things off – and then adding more to x.x. It’s never ending. It seems to magically remain either the same length or longer no matter what I do. (I’m going to need a bigger schedule book. That or a REALLY big marker board for my office.) I am here though! I am alive. I will attempt to post stuff thats sitting in my queue. There is now 29 =D

I now have a tumblr that posts (most of the time) a photo a day.

I have a youtube channel and Dave and I will be working on making videos of everything from Behind the scenes of my shooting, tutorials of photography & makeup & more, Candid days of my crazy life, Slideshow videos of my photography (thanks to for photographers), and so much more:

OH! I have a terrible addiction to reading. I found good reads… add me as a friend here:
  I might post up some reviews of books I like and clips of my up and coming book here in the future as well!

I do have a twitter!, but if you are a friend of mine on my personal facebook, it posts there as well. That’s halfway maxed out though.

I guess to finish off this post (although I know I probably lost over 2/3rds of my readers within the first few crazy paragraphs), I want to know what my fans think (and I will probably post this again since like I said, I lost most of you already.) What do you want to see more of? I’m taking my website and branding in a slightly different way. I want you guys to know Serena Star the Artist — Not just Serena Star the photographer… Because I’m more than a Photographer. There is way way way more to me and what goes on in my crazy mind. How do you feel about getting to know me – all the aspects of my insane life and what I do, not just my photography on my blog, fb, etc?


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